Our vision at Gospel of HOPE for Haiti is to bring the HOPE of Jesus Christ to the people of Haiti in a way that will do more than just provide for the needs of people, but in some small way, have far-reaching impacts that will change a nation of despair into one of hope.

HOPE - Homes, Orphanage, Provisions, Evangelism

We are building small but sturdy homes for displaced families, for use at our orphanage, and for other ministry needs as we are able.

We have built an orphanage in the rural village of Barbancourt, to serve the most needy and vulnerable children. It is currently home to 15 children and at full capacity will hold more than 100 children.

We supply the needy with provisions such as food, clothing and medical care as we are able.

As we use the above tools to meet the physical needs of people, we also meet their spiritual needs by giving them true and eternal hope through sharing the love of Jesus Christ and the Word of God with them.